Osterman Research Report: The State of Costs in the Cloud

The State of Costs in the Cloud

Enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud services to support their business-critical applications and processes. However, they are also experiencing runaway costs, wasted spending and reduced ROI from their cloud investments.

This Osterman Research study examines the current state of cloud cost governance at large enterprises, over 70% of which spend over $1 million a year on public cloud services. The report provides insights into how organizations can gain the control, insight and accountability needed to strategically govern and optimize cloud spending.

Some of the key findings include:

A Lack of Accountability
Only 11% of organizations can showback or chargeback 100% of their cloud costs.

A Lack of Insight
64% of organizations don’t know of overspending until after it happens.

A Lack of Agility
Over half of organizations have IT making rightsizing decisions without visibility across the business to optimize cloud instances.

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