Power365® Email Rewrite Services

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Organizations, large and small are in a constant state of change. Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures are the driving force behind a lot of this change. This can be compounded when these organizations reside in different Office 365 tenants. Maybe they want to consolidate their tenants or perhaps they just need to integrate with each other. The challenge is a single Accepted (SMTP) Domain can only be registered to a single Office 365 tenant at a time. This presents significant technical obstacles for organizations that require a Unified Shared Domain Space when their users exist in different Office 365 tenants. 

In this paper, we focus on how Power365 enables the sharing of an email domain name between users in different tenants through Email Rewrite Services in the Integration Pro version of Power365.

In these pages, we cover:

  1. An overview of the Power365 Solution
  2. Typical end-user experiences
  3. How Power365’s Email Rewrite Services work
  4. An overview of the Power365’s security capabilities