How to Migrate 10,000 Users a Week

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Laying the proper foundation to migrate 10,000 email users on a weekly basis is much like building a house, or in this case, a factory. The most successful builders know that planning, staging and choosing the right tools and materials are more important to achieving success than the construction itself. The same is true of enterprise data migrations. The more practiced, developed and evolved a process is, the better the results will be.

This white paper will walk through a typical workweek in the Binary Tree “Migration Factory.” The walkthrough will entail a tour of the major components of the Migration Factory, which facilitate the assembly line approach, shown to be ideal for large enterprise migrations.

By the conclusion of this paper, the benefits of Binary Tree’s “assembly line” methodology towards enterprise-level migration projects will be evident. In addition, by utilizing Notes Migrator – CMT (formerly CMT for Exchange or CMTe) and Binary Tree, one can expect to achieve the best data fidelity available. All while maintaining the highest level of service end-users have come to expect from email and scheduling, demonstrating the value of Notes Migrator – CMT and Binary Tree along with the advantages of the Microsoft partnership.