A Binary Tree Webinar

Unlock the ROI of Microsoft Office 365 

If your organization is on Microsoft Office 365, chances are your end-users are predominantly using email, calendaring and the Office Suite but nowhere close to taking full advantage of the other capabilities this cloud platform offers. Plus, you probably now realize that instead of decreasing IT’s burden, you actually added to it as IT now supports Office 365 along with your legacy on-premises systems, which are still integral to your operations.

Join Binary Tree Chief Executive Officer Nick Wilkinson as he introduces a new solution for increasing Office 365 user adoption and IT management efficiency in order to drive the ROI of your Office 365 investment.

In this presentation, our speaker will:

  • Review the issues preventing organizations from fully realizing the value of Office 365
  • Illustrate how the new solution drives user adoption and IT efficiency in your cloud environment
  • Close with an interactive Q&A session, giving you expert answers to all your questions

We look forward to you joining us!

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April 13, 2017 
11:00AM ET