A Binary Tree Webinar

Driving Value from Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 has become a standard cloud platform in most organizations. And yet, besides email, calendaring, and the Office productivity tools, most Office 365 capabilities are vastly underutilized by their end-user community. In addition, these same companies have now realized that by adopting the cloud they were actually increasing the burden on their IT department to support Office 365 along with their legacy on-premises systems, which are still integral to their operations.

Join Binary Tree Chief Executive Officer Nick Wilkinson for a discussion of the issues surrounding Office 365 user adoption and IT management efficiency and what steps you can take to drive the value of your Office 365 investment.

In this presentation, our speaker will:

  • Examine the issues preventing organizations from fully realizing the value of Office 365
  • Teach you how to drive user adoption and IT efficiency in your cloud environment
  • Close with an interactive Q&A session, giving you expert answers to all your questions

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July 20, 2017  12:00PM ET