Webinar Series

Create a United Workforce for Day One of a Merger

According to Gartner, the most important and immediate contribution that IT can make on Day One of a merger or acquisition is to provide all staff at the new entity with a reliable and secure communication and information sharing infrastructure.

Your identity and messaging systems will play a key role in establishing those capabilities. By Day One, you will need to ensure that your cloud, on-premises and/or hybrid environments will allow everyone to start and attend joint online calls and meetings, check each other’s calendar and IM availability and more.

Join Binary Tree’s Joe Sharmer, Team Lead Senior Solutions Architect, as he provides an overview of the requirements and challenges for enabling collaboration on Day One of a merger or acquisition.
  • In this presentation, our expert will:

    + Review the requirements for fully enabling user collaboration on Day One and beyond
    + Discuss the challenges merging organizations face when integrating Office 365 tenants

    + Close with an interactive Q&A session, giving you expert answers to all your questions


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