SMART Considerations for Active Directory Migrations

A Binary Tree White Paper

SMART Considerations for Active Directory Migrations

Microsoft Active Directory is a cornerstone of the IT infrastructure in many organizations, authenticating and authorizing users and computers for the network and enterprise applications.

Given how integrated and critical Active Directory is to the inner-workings of your IT environment, migrating Active Directory is a complex and risk-filled initiative that must be planned and managed very carefully.

This white paper provides a strategic view and best practices for safely migrating Active Directory gathered from Binary Tree's 20-plus years of migration experience.

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Understand the key considerations and best practices for merging, restructuring or consolidating Active Directory.

Binary Tree is a singularly focused global provider of migration software and solutions for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, and Windows Server environments. Since 1993, Binary Tree has enabled more than 6,000 customers to migrate more than 35 million email users, and facilitated some of the most complex migrations on the planet.