Binary Tree E2E Complete vs. Quest Migration Manager for Exchange

A Windows IT Pro White Paper:

Binary Tree E2E Complete vs. Quest Migration Manager for Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server relies completely on Windows Active Directory for authentication, storage of configura­tion data, and authorization. This dependency means that Exchange is tightly tied to the Active Directory forest model, so moving Exchange users and their mail data to another Active Directory forest is a common, and critical, task. To make cross-forest migrations easier, Microsoft has steadily introduced new migration capabilities with each version of Exchange since Exchange 2000. In addition to these built-in abilities, third-party software vendors such as Binary Tree and Quest Software have built migration utili­ties to fill gaps in Microsoft’s migration tool feature set.

In this paper, the goal is to help both internal IT staffs and the business partners, consultants, and system integrators they hire to understand migration tools for Exchange from three perspectives: their architecture, the mechanics of how they deal with migration operations, and how they assist administrators with the project management tasks associated with migrations. The paper will close with a summary of the strengths and technical capabilities of both Quest’s Migration Manager for Exchange and Binary Tree’s E2E Complete products.

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Binary Tree is a singularly focused global provider of migration software and solutions for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, and Windows Server environments. Since 1993, Binary Tree has enabled more than 6,000 customers to migrate more than 35 million email users, and facilitated some of the most complex migrations on the planet.